An Ode to Ye Ol’ England

So I’ve been feeling kind of homesick recently… It’s a combination of being incredibly freelance (I’ve had next to no office hours this month) and spending my favourite time of year without my usual loved ones. Today I posted on one of my favourite Berlin groups (Girl Gone International) about desperately wanting a roast and received about 50 replies from different girls feeling the same. After spending the day working from home, I ended up venturing across town to try out one of the places recommended to me, Salt n’Bone. They serve roast dinners for €15 from 14:00 until they sell out.

There, I had roast pork with roast potatoes and lots and lots of gravy. A dream come true, although – clue was in the title really – slightly too salty for my liking. Unfortunately I was too hungry to spend real time photographing my food, so all I have is this poorly lit picture I took for my brother:


It’s interesting though, being homesick. I’ve never really experienced it to this extent before and the things I miss make very little sense. This is now officially the longest time I’ve been abroad and ‘on my own’, despite the fact I have a housemate and friends. Here is a pretentious list of weird British things I am longing for at the moment:

  • Hoisin duck wrap from Tesco
  • Using British currency instead of the Euro
  • Getting my eyebrows threaded in a shopping centre for about £4
  • Tesco meal deals
  • Walking from Oxford Circus to Leicester Square
  • Roast dinner
  • Bangers and mash
  • Sunday shopping
  • Chain restaurants
  • Watching TV on an actual TV (obvs not a German thing, just the flat I live in)
  • Popping over to my parents house whenever I feel like it/their homes
  • Halloween excitement
  • Free art galleries and museums
  • Cadburys

BUT even though I can’t afford to jump on a flight right now, I’m lucky my next time at home is a mere three weeks away – and despite the agonising wait, I know it’s coming. I’ve met so many others who are millions of miles from home or have fled situations they can’t return to. Puts my craving for a glorified duck sandwich into perspective, huh.



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