Flohmarkt am Mauerpark HAUL ๐ŸŒบ

I’ve been to Mauerpark Flohmartkt quite a few times now and can’t seem to leave without adding something new to my wardrobe. Said like that’s a real burden to my lifestyle… poor me eh with all these new amazing things?

I thought I’d take a moment to share some of my purchases – the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. I can be quite an impulsive shopper and flea markets seem to only amplify my tendencies to pick up things I shouldn’t. But with mistakes costing far less than they would at any high street store, it can be a great way to take risks and try out new things. #NoRegrets.


Lace up vintage brogues. I went to the Flohmarkt quite late in the day last week and a lot of the stalls had slashed their prices dramatically so they could close up and go home. Once such stall had a pile of shoes with all of them priced at โ‚ฌ3. I was first drawn in by a pair of black lace ups before discovering ALL of the shoes were in my size. This realisation apparently knocked every other thought out of my head. After deciding that I didn’t like any of the shoes, I impulsively returned to the stall and got two pairs for โ‚ฌ3. The above pair are real leather and in great condition but I’m yet to wear them out.

2The other half of my โ‚ฌ3 shoe haul. I went back for these imagining that, combined with jeans and a quirky top, I’d have the perfect date night outfit on my hands.

Not sure exactly where this 'date night' would be taking place..

Not sure exactly where this ‘date night’ would be taking place..

We all make mistakes ok. #NoRegrets


I am shirt obsessed and there is one stall on the market that always delivers. I practically live in baggy shirts and this one is much more fitted than my usual choice (see above) as it’s actually meant for a child. Which I am but ya know, internally. I really like the pattern and it’s definitely got a unique status in my wardrobe on the account that it doesn’t come down to my thighs.

5This shirt is the love of my life. I’ve wanted a shirt like this since I was about 20 and saw a girl wearing one to an audition I was at. It was purple aztec print and oversized and looked SO COOL it sparked an obsessive thrift search that I had completely forgotten about until I laid my eyes on this baby at the market. It’s already become one of my favourite things to wear and I do pretty much live in it, so much so that I’ve had to dig it out my wash pile to show you. I think it was about โ‚ฌ15 which is more than I would usually pay for a shirt. I was expecting it to be a lot more and practically threw my money at the woman.


Some patches! I’ve been dreaming of buying a cheap denim jacket and giving it a makeover. My boyfriend also bought some patches too and I think altogether they cost us about โ‚ฌ6. Now all I need is the jacket…

I’m now about to head out to the market AGAIN to give away some of my hard earned euros. Wish me luck!




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